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    Psychometric test for Startup House Application

    At Cowoli, we love all the initiatives that are popping up all around the world to allow digital nomads or startupers to live and work from everywhere in the best conditions.

    Building a great house culture is not as easy as it seems, and more and more startup houses are putting in place a application process with some sort of selection. The idea is to ensure that all participants share the same objective and are willing to work hard in a nice environment.

    A lot of permanent travelers already had bad experiences in some cheap hostels in South America or South East Asia, in which partying seems to be the main goal. Developing an mobile app being surrounded by beer drinkers and party people is far to be the perfect environment.

    At Cowoli, we strongly believe that the style of the people that are sharing a house are one of the strongest asset of a coliving and coworking place. That’s why we are partnering with some other startups to build application process and selections tests for every applicants.

    If you want to know more, get in touch with us.

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