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    Nomad Cruise II - Hosted By

      Nomad Cruise II: Colombia – Portugal 28.5 – 9.6.2016
      A 13 day All-Inclusive Workation crossing the Atlantic.

      • Included in the Nomad Cruise early bird package:
        12 Nights cabin
      • 13 Days on board
      • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, buffet)
      • 3 course dinner in our private seating area
      • basic drink package (incl. alcoholic drinks)
      • port taxes
      • cabin crew tips
      • Nomad Cruise: Conference
      • 5 OnBoard Workshops
      • Masterminds
      • Community
      • Wristband
      • T-Shirt
      • Meet-Ups in Colombia
      • Departure Party
      • Reunion in Europe

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