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    The Community of Digital Nomads Barcelona - Hosted By

    CODINO – Community of Digital Nomads in Barcelona

    Finally there is a community for meeting like-minded people in town!

    CODINO is the Community of Digital Nomads in Barcelona. On our meetups  we mingle with other location-independent people in an easy going environment.

    What’s in for me?

    Either if you are an interested in the lifestyle to be able to work from anywhere.

    Or you are living this life already. Both is perfect and this is the right community for you!

    We connect remote workers, online-entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers, developers, web-designers, bloggers and writers. Anyone who wants to get liberated from 9-5 corporate office jobs.  And anyone who is looking for more freedom as a nomadic libertine is welcome to join us.

    What do we do on our meetups? 

    Let´s get together for casual meetups to get to know each other offline, to network and build up a community!

    On our coworking days me meet in cafés, coworking-spaces and other unusual venues.

    On our meetups we come together to talk about our experiences and challenges being a nomad, an expat-freelancer or a location-independent solopreneur.

    On our nomadtalks we invite guest speakers who share their insights in business related topics as well as productivity and life hacks.

    Om our workations we travel togehter to work from inspiring places, being highly productive and have a lot of fun as a group.

    Prices include accomodation and coworking-space for 1 night + 1 day.

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