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    Casa Verdi Communtiy - Hosted By

    Casa Verdi is an open space and accommodation for travellers and globetrotters. Depending on the people permanently living the space different projects are created. All the activities are engaged thoughtfully and with the intention to share knowledge and experience.
    Our main goal is to rationalize the cost of accommodation for travellers through the application of some of the sustainable tourism principles. We live the house as a platform facilitating the environment, and fostering interactions. Guests of Casa Verdi meet different needs.
    While coming from very different cultures and region of the world everybody is open and reasonable, often-times in cooperation with someone else towards some value creation.
    The environment is set to be creative and inspiring. It is balanced and relaxed designed to welcome Globetrotters, Artists, Remote Workers, Backpackers, and Entrepreneurs which can live, cook, eat, talk, work, exchange ideas, have fun and relax, right by the city centre.

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