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    Digital Nomads in 2050

    Living as a digital nomad is quite a new trend. However, 2016 seems to be the year digital nomadism became mainstream.

    As the search of freedom is always increasing, being able to move completely freely and earn money without any geographical constraint is more and more appealing to people who already enjoy a high standard of living, like in the US, Scandinavia, Japan, UK, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Benelux, Israel, Switzerland, and maybe few other other european countries.

    The Hyperempire is a concept described by Attali in  A Brief History of the Future, written in 2006, about how he forecasts the world to be in 2050. He is enlightening a new social phenomenon called nomadisation.

    The nomadisation process would make nation-States irrelevant, transforming the world into a chaotic market called hyperempire. The entire planet would work according to an ultra-liberal economy and a form of democracy with “revisited” standards. The citizens would see themselves as global citizens who want their work to serve a higher purpose.

    The ruling class, called hypernomads, would ground its power on a middle class of 4 billion virtual nomads comprising technicians, scientists, managers, engineers, etc. The virtual nomads would live a sedentary life, but work in networks for companies without a central location. 3.5 billion infranomads would subsist in misery.

    Infranomads are expected to revolt violently against their condition, stemming a resurgence of national entities and crystallizing conflicts around traditional borders of ethnicities, religions, etc. Technological improvements in weaponry would put Humanity at risk of destroying itself in this conflict.

    Source : wikipedia

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