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Wifi Tribe is a co-living / co-working expedition.
Every month, we choose a different city to call home. We are inviting a diverse mix of young, wild and free, location-independent professionals to join us anywhere along the way: entrepreneurs, photographers, developers, writers, designers, marketers, adventure addicts…

Here is what’s included :

  • A group of young, like-minded professionals
  • Think tanks, accountability & knowledge exchanges
  • Serendipitous opportunities to improve your business
  • Good WiFi & lots of working space
  • A private villa 2 minutes from the beach
  • Yoga sessions at the nearby restaurant
  • General cleaning taken care of to save us time
  • The fridge is always topped up to keep us productive
  • Local meals cooked daily so we eat healthy
  • Weekend trips organized by us (not included in price)
  • Van & driver provided for getting around
  • A tribe of supportive entrepreneurs & creatives