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Live an awesome adventure with liked minded poeple

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STARTUP HOUSE BALI – August – Only 599€ for the month !

10 entrepreneurs & freelancers Digital Nomads living and working in the same place.

During 30 days, we’ll be sharing knowledge, working together, surfing, organizing events and living in this stunning villa in Canggu, 5 min away from echo beach.

Oh, and there is only few spots remaining !


Each participant is invited to share one of his skills or animate a workshop in the villa to share with each other.


We are inviting for you the startups that are born in Bali. They will give you the keys to build your own company in Asia.

FRIDAYS : FEEDBACK SESSIONS ! Every one who wants to pitch
and brainstorm on their projects can get the attention of the villa.

WEEK ENDS : LET’S EXPLORE BALI ! If you want to join us, we will show you the must see of Bali: Waterfalls, beaches, rice fields & more We can go surfing to Uluwatu and Canggu, hiking the Mount Batur, partying in Seminyak…

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  • Price 599€ in Aug.
  • Slogan Live an awesome adventure with liked minded poeple
  • Listing categories Sun / Beach / Forest and Jungle
  • Location / Region Asia/ Indonesia
  • Date from 1st August 2016
  • Date to 31st August 2016
  • Person Thomas Despin