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30 Days. 20 Entrepreneurs. 1 Life Changing Experience.

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Over a period of 30 days, 20 adventurous entrepreneurs build their businesses in exotic Bali, while co-working AND co-living together in an inspiring and luxurious location – and have a ton of fun!

Project Getaway is not just an event, but a complete experience. It is geared towards successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, who have taken the leap towards a deeply satisfying lifestyle, where great success, fun adventures and a balanced lifestyle goes hand-in-hand.

Included in all packages:
•Accomodation for 30 days
•Unlimited access to: 4 on-site co-working spaces, 2 pools and 3 jacuzzi
•Breakfast and selected meals
•Laundry 2 times a week
•Mobile Luxury App where you can order all services straight from your mobile
•Welcome party
•Goodbye party
•Chief Officers activities
•PG talks
•Speaker talks & workshops
•Buzz sessions with Livit specialists
•Collaboration and feedback
•Free and unlimited access to the global alumni network
•SIM card
•Goodie bag and PG swag! Oh yeah!