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Live a life one doesn't need a vacation from--Go Deskless!

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Times are changing. Through digitalization the World becomes more interconnected and
advanced every single day. Technology has undeniably changed the key components of
Society, Economics, and Politics. But how can it transform the everyday work life?
Our answer: Fundamentally! So far, Society always thought of working and traveling as two
completely separate things, hardly connectable. Well… think again!

As a leading Travel Company, we offer life-changing experiences that combine the two in
perfect Harmony while providing our participants with Holistic Growth and Wellness Activities.

No Desk Project offers an immersive one Month long Co-working and Co living program in beautiful Ubud, Bali. We put together a group of like-minded people and essentially focus on three things: Hollistic Growth, Work-life balance and Networking options. Through a diverse selection of activities and a main focus on Yoga & Meditation we offer our participants a truely unique and life-changing experience. Our lifestyle experts will travel alongside you and guide you through this journey. From group sessions to one-on-one support, the specialists are there to track and ensure your success. Embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and live a life one doesn’t need a vacation from.

Join the Movement—Go Deskless!

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