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Nectar is an inspiring & creative place in the midst of nature where you can combine your work and projects with your passions and enriching activities, by collaborating, innovating and connecting.

We aim for the experience of co-working and co-living to be a driving force for creative and sustainable development and as a tool for empowering personal and professional values by connecting local and global networks.
We believe in a modern and rural lifestyle that values openness, sharing, and collaboration. Our philosophy is based on human values, a shared economy and respect for the rural environment and its sustainability.

The historic farmhouse is in the area of the pre-Pyrenees,  in the heart of the Les Guilleries natural park. At a height of 800 meters, it allows the enjoyment of the landscape around the Sau Reservoir with the high Pyrenees in the background.
Nectar offers a variety of work, rest and social spaces, both indoor and outdoor. The house is self-sufficient: we get the water from a spring and the electricity is solar powered.