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The traditional way of living and working is no longer the only way.  This year we offer co-workation options from September 2nd untill October 28th.
Be location independendent, and have the freedom to work and live from wherever you want. Fully immerse yourself in a lifestyle that allows you to design your life and work as you want it to be. We have opened up our lodge to LIP’s from around the world to join our community. 
Private or shared accommodation, a private Italian chef, full board and a full immersion in the authentic italian lifestyle! What more can you wish for? Wifi…ofcourse…yep we have got it! Opt to join our daily coworkation program, minimum stay 3 night, our excursions, coaching, consulting and various other activities for you to participate in, this is upon request and against additional charges. Voluntary options and work exchange is possible, please inquire.

Book your ticket and you will do more in a one week, while being concentrated and focused, than you would normally do in months time… It’s a promise!  

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