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HacknSleep is a membership based startup community where young professionals can work, live and connect.

Our partners provide newly remodeled guest houses for our members – the best place to meet friendly people, get work done and enjoy the perks of our new hub.
Other available amenities include washer and dryer machines, hair dryer, iron and fast WiFi.

This is newly remodeled coliving house in Sunset / Parkside area.
MUNI Metro stops right near the house

  • 25 min to DownTown and SOMA
  • 15 min walking to the Ocean
  • 30 min walking (15 by bus) to the Golden Gate Park
  • 10 min walking to Supermarkets

HOUSE RULES (2398 30th Avenue)

    • Please TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF. We keep our house clean, please take a good care of our house too.
    • The front door is code locked. Please close the front door and the gate every time you enter or exit.
  • Don’t use washer and dryer machines between 11pm – 7am at weekdays & 11pm – 9am at weekend
  • Separate the garbage into Recycle, Compost and Trash.
  • You can choose any desk for work. Please clear the desk after using. We don’t hold desk for any members.
  • No Smoking in the house. Smoke detectors will be activated. No Drugs (Marihuana is considered as a drug).
  • PARKING: We do not provide parking. Street parking only. You are the only one who’s responsible for your car.
  • IMPORTANT: We are not responsible for your personal lost or stolen items.
  • Keep the noise down after 10pm. In respect to other put your phone on silent mode after 10pm.
  • No FOOD or DRINKS is allowed in the bed or bedroom.
  • Do not rearrange the furniture.
  • Check Out time is 11 AM. Please prepare your bed for cleaning: Take the bedding Inside Out (Sheet, Duvet Cover, Pillow Case) and leave your towel and bedding on the top of your bed. Thanks!
  • Time Limit for using the bathroom between 6AM-10AM is 10 min max/person!


    • When taking a shower please use the vent.
    • Use squeegee and paper towels to keep the sink and the floor dry after using it.
    • Please take your hair out from the bathtub.
  • Please do not throw anything into the toilet except the toilet paper. Use the trash can.


    • Don’t leave any items in the bathroom, unless you want to share them with others.
  • Make sure you leave the bathroom clean.


    • Mark your food!
  • Don’t leave any mess, dishes and items on the tables.


    • Wash and dry dishes after you use it, put it back on the shelf where you found it or put it in the dishwasher.
  • When you are cooking please use the FAN. No cooking smelly food after 11pm.


    • If you don’t know how to use (OVEN, STOVE, MICROWAVE, etc.) please ask Hack’n’Sleep admins.
  • Use paper towels to cover the plates in the microwave to avoid splashes of your food all over it.


    • Before you check out, please take all your food from the fridge and put it on the table or trash.
  • We don’t provide any food. All the food belongs to someone. Unmarked, expired, leaky or smelly food will be thrown away by  Hack’n’Sleep admins.


  • Get into arguments, fight, harass in any way.
  • Arrange or be involved in loud parties.
  • Invite guests to use house amenities and invite guests stay overnight.
  • Drug usage. Marihuana is considered as a drug. Smoking on the premises.
  • Damage of furniture, walls and any other kind of the house attributes.

For breaking one or more of the “FORBIDDEN” points you must leave the house immediately. Your membership will be canceled with no refund and the deposit will not be returned to you.


Wi-Fi: Login and password on the board on kitchen.

  • Address 2398 30th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94014, United States