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If you seek a home welcoming atmosphere, you found it!

We are based in a great architectural quality house built in the 60s, in the historic areas of post displacement of the Sassi districts that took place in 1951.

Matera is a magical place, recognized World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, in the Basilicata region, that impresses at first glance. A maze of cave-houses and historic churches dug into the tuff surrounded by beautiful valleys, the city is unique, different from any other reality and evokes a pleasant feeling of nostalgia.

The house of over 220 square meters is located in a strategic point of the city (close to the station, bus stop and convenient by car), which includes a 4 historic districts of the city of Sassi: Spine Bianche, Piccianello, San Pardo and Villa Longo!
The house is composed of 4 floors, with a co-working space with a mezzanine within a relaxing environment. Office is on the first floor.

The penthouse is the part where there are the Coliving rooms, a single and a double, plus a relax and work area and a bathroom.

The whole environment is creative and flexible, with designer furniture, wifi, kitchen (with refrigerator, dishwasher and crockery) and a bathroom per floor.

Guests access

Our guests will have access to all common areas of Casa Netural and COLIVING plan.


We will give information and there is a contact person (almost always Kike, Spanish living in Matera, or Andrea or someone in our community) to give advice and to introduce you to the life of our community.

The district

A popular historic district, strategically, just 20 minutes walk from Sassi.
Near the house, you will easily find a supermarket, a bakery, a bar, and a gas station.

Walking around

Street parking, convenient and safe. Appulo Lucane railway station – Villa Longo 5 minutes walk. bus stop within 1 minute.

Other things to highlight

The House is the seat of a project known at a national and international level. That’s why joining us means more than just spending some days somewhere in Italy; guests are part of a global project, that develops innovative, sustainable and social impact on the area.


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