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I met amazing people

My experiences in Digital Nomad Houses always went beyond my expectations in term of quality of life and networking abilities. I get also some designer work from former roommates, and that’s awesome.

- Cindy Grayhm

Exactly What I Need

As a IT security expert, I am joining conferences all around the world on a regular basis, and always try to stay some days before or after to enjoy the city. I need to be able to work in good conditions during the day, and to find an affordable place to stay, that’s always good as an independent consultant. Cowoli is a great initiative, and I will certainly use it more and more as the project continues to develop.

- Roberto Young

Totally Impressed

I am travelling full-time for the last 3 years, earning my life as an independent iOS developer, and was sick of the badly maintained hostels full of tourists. Finding a Coliving + Coworking space at the same place is my dream for a long time already.

- Steeve Richard

Awesome Directory

I am spending my time with my violin around the world for concerts, and I love the idea to be able to find a nice place to stay with a  rehearsal space or a practice room, without staying in overpriced hotels with closed minded people.

- Hanna Karpenko
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